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Month: July, 2011

Asian babe posing in her garden

There is nothing more pleasant than getting naked and relaxing in the garden full of roses that smell wonderful, just like this big boobs Asian girl does. She likes dreaming of her lover and imagining he is there and watching her, so she pretends she seduces him. She takes her clothes off, touching herself all over her body, moaning from pleasure and fingering her wet tight pussy. Pinching her nipples and squeezing her big boobs is something her imaginary lover does to her every time they meet. One day it will be the real lover.

Asian babe taking a shower

Watching big boobs Asian babe taking a shower can get you a hard on especially if that babe knows she is been watched and likes it, so she does some teasing. This busty babe has just finished her swimming class and went under shower, so she can jump into jacuzzi and relax. She has noticed a little hole in the wall a long time ago and she knows that every time she takes a shower, someone looks at her big boobs and jerks off. That is why she takes her top off, slowly and sensually.